Take a look at everything in your tech stack. You probably think of your CRM, prospecting tools and even your marketing automation platform. But there’s one category you might have forgotten to add to your list: browser extensions.

Yep, among all your purpose-built sales enablement technology, it turns out one of the most important pieces is one of the most basic applications your reps use every day.

You can thank browser extensions for that. They’re add-ons available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge – most browsers you’d find in the office, actually – that give you extra functionality all in one place, whether it’s blocking ads or remembering your password.

And, it turns out, there are lots of browser extensions that can amp up your reps’ sales game, too. Here are a few of our favourites that you can add today on Chrome.

Your favourite CRM

Switching between tools is a top pet peeve for almost a third of sales reps. And what two tools do you switch between more often than your browser and CRM? Combining two in one means reps have more information at their fingertips without juggling windows or passwords.


Check if your CRM provider has an extension. Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Freshsales… whatever you use, it probably offers an add-on that lets you connect your CRM data to your email and calendar.

Get social

Social media isn’t just a good way to keep up with old friends. It’s also a valuable source for prospecting data, marketing, and outreach. Don’t forget, more than half of B2B buyers include social in their product and service research. Your reps should be there, too, to help them out.


Buffer or Hootsuite: Schedule social posts and share content from websites directly to your network with just a few quick clicks – no switching tabs necessary.  

RiteTag: Are you using the right hashtags on your social posts? Get suggestions on hashtags that fit your text and see how well they perform across social networks.

Pablo: Want to get really engaging on social? Pair text and images together. This extension makes it easy to share content by selecting text, picking an image and choosing typography.

Email like a boss

How do you write the perfect sales email? Your Playbooks™ should have some good tips and templates – but you can go even further with add-ons designed to provide an additional layer of intelligence.


Grammarly: Not a writer? That’s okay! Grammarly catches your typos, spelling mistakes, grammar problems and style issues so you can hit “send” without fear. Bonus: it works on social media, too!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Want to get specific about a prospect in an email? View their LinkedIn profile, shared connections and interests without leaving your inbox with this extension.

SalesHandy: If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your emails after you hit “send,” wonder no more. This extension notifies you when emails are opened and tracks analytics like open rates and click-throughs, on top of automatic scheduling.

Prospecting made easy

We know the term, “always be closing.” But let’s not forget its cousin, “always be prospecting.” It’s the first hurdle in making a sale – and doing it right can save reps time and trouble down the line as the deal progresses. So why not enlist a little help?


Clearbit Connect and Lusha: Like a search engine for email addresses, these add-ons let you look up company contact information. They also provide helpful contextual information about the people you email. 

SalesWings: If you’re looking to contact prospects at the perfect time, this one’s for you. SalesWings alerts you when a prospect visits yoru website, in real time.

Unomy and Datanyze: Dig deep into target companies with this extension that pulls detailed information about their business from their website – all in one summary.

Crystal: How should you approach a prospect? Crystal analyzes public data from places like websites and LinkedIn to generate personality reports that help you tailor your approach.

Manage your time

Reps are busy folks – yet there’s so much non-selling work on their plate, they only spend about a third of their time on revenue-generating activities. These add-ons help them put the little time they have to better use.


Todoist and Wunderlist: Throw out those sticky notes, because these extensions are all about embedding important to-do lists directly in your web browser – and making it super easy to add new items as they pop up.

Taco: It’s not just a delicious meal. Taco combines to-dos from over 40 different applications and puts them all on one screen.

OneTab: if you love having tons of websites open at once, or if accidentally closing a tab puts you into a panic, rest easy – this add-on keeps tabs on your tabs and saves your URLs in one place.

Hop on camera

Video wins when it comes to sales communication: it’s more interesting, memorable, and human than paragraphs of text. Here’s how your browser can give your engagement a lift via video.


Vidyard Screen and Webcam Recorder: Perfect for introductions, walkthroughs, demos and meetings, this extension makes it easy to record and send videos to your prospects and your team.

Zoom Scheduler: If you use Zoom for video meetings, Zoom Scheduler has you covered. Schedule a meeting or start one right now without all the back-and-forth with your calendar.

Add to this list with help from your reps

Your best reps have had years to assemble the resources they use to sell like champs, whether it’s their browser extensions, favourite apps, TED talks they watch, or bookmarks they save. 

Those are exactly the same resources you want your new reps to have, too. So be on the lookout for hidden plays and use them as an opportunity to get a dialogue going… then share the results in your Playbooks™.

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