Handle Objections - Like A Boss

If you know whats coming, you'll never be surprised. Learn the most common objections in sales and how to respond!

Screenshot of Sales Hacker's Playbook to Overcoming Objections

Sales Hacker's insights into:

  • The 4 most common objections
  • Process that can overcome any objection
  • Creating urgency with your responses

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"We actually pull up different cards during our sessions, and our reps talk about what they’ve learned, they ask clarifying questions, and then we modify cards as we go so that current best practices are captured and immediately available to all. Reps add content that they want to refer to in the future, because of how easy Kiite is to use."


Head of Sales

"Being able to create playbooks and add several dimensions to the content while making it EASIER to navigate is amazing. The constraints of a spreadsheet have been lifted, and you don't have some of the ridiculous attributes of [other tools] that make them a nightmare."


Managing Director


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