The workplace is changing. Where once employers demanded more from employees, people are now also demanding more from their workplaces. We all want more. More profit, more reward, more opportunity. More value, but for less time.

This isn’t a new trend. It’s an entrenched part of western culture.

But as the information we have about our world increases, and the data we collect about ourselves grows, we become more complicated. Decisions that were once simple are now hard; decisions that were once difficult now seem elementary. In every case, there are countless more data points to consider, and in every case, there are fewer minutes in our day to spend considering.

How, then, can we all get more value from less time spent?

With help.

The conversation about artificial intelligence is just like everything else: simultaneously complicated and simple, opaque and clear.

We’re not here to offer a resolution on the topic. We’re here to help shape the discussion.

Instead of asking ourselves, What is the future of the workplace? perhaps we should begin wondering, Is work where we should be spending our future?

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