Make your processes crystal clear to consistently close deals

Your processes should help you close deals efficiently, not prompt you to lose them. But when systems break down and people have questions, and answers aren’t available or accurate, revenue falls through the cracks. Use Kiite and capture more revenue by helping reps handle every deal the way they should.

Empowering Analytics

Measure key metrics and track how they behave over time.  Optimize teams by tracking common questions, content, and engagement analytics and using that information to adjust your program accordingly.  

Identify Gaps

Increase your desired performance by analyzing your current situation, discovering product and knowledge gaps and use the information to create better processes.

Lower Turnover Rate

Poor training leads to higher turnover.  Arm your sales team with the materials, training, and information needed to close any deal and retain your best.

Reduce Software Learning

Use a tool that is easy to use and that anyone can learn fast.  Reduce the time spent struggling with a new software and more time spent on selling.

Cultural Insights

Discover what drives and what tanks sales professionals engagement without conducting a single survey.

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