Onboard smarter with Kiite’s intelligence

Going from zero to hero is hard, and as your top closers know: Deals are only getting more complex. With Kiite, all reps have instant access to institutional and documented knowledge on their terms. Plus, Kiite’s always transferring learning from your top performers to your newcomers. Use Kiite to onboard faster, and scale smarter.

24/7 Coaching

Un-block new sales reps and get them straight to selling with 24/7 access to answers they need, when they need them.  

Safer Space

Empower sales reps by enabling them to ask any question -simple or complex- anonymously, without fear of being burned.

Stress-free scaling

Diminish the impact of employee turnover by improving access to key resources and improving knowledge retention.

Institutional Knowledge

Leverage the critical expertise of your top performers without slowing them down.

Lifelong Learning

Promote continuous learning and self-improvement by providing tailored guidance and recommendations for employee development.

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