Revenue Roadblocks

Kiite automatically pulls your company knowledge together and makes it easily accessible through your organization's chat system.  No need to learn or log into another software platform.  Just let Kiite learn and let your people keep doing what they’re doing — selling more.   

Your Newest Sales Team Member

Kiite gives your sales team access to real-time answers when they need it most — to close deals.

Identify changes

Capture problems in your sales organization, before they escalate  — and take immediate action. With our question analytics, you can find the true cause of specific problems, helping you make smarter decisions and process changes.

Give managers their time back

Kiite’s AI technology makes your manager's knowledge expertise available 24x7, to all of your sales reps, so managers can focus on more important human-centred tasks like one-on-one coaching and individual rep training.

Centralize knowledge

With Kiite's useful integrations, such as Salesforce and Dropbox you can pull the information you need into one user-central hub — your chat platform.  Saving reps time previously wasted, from flipping through multiple windows and programs looking for the information they need to sell.

Capture dark knowledge

Capture your best field reps insights and anecdotes and make them available to the entire team. Kiite’s knowledge base is self-learning and learns answers provided by your Subject Matter Experts.

With Kiite, Sales Management can...


Reps with the tools they need, to find the answers, they need to close, 24/7.

Save Time

Make your manager's knowledge available 24x7, to your sales reps, so they can focus on higher value tasks like coaching & individual rep training.


The true cause of specific problems, helping them make smarter decisions.


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