Scale Your Sales Using AI

With Kiite, you can scale competence better: ramp new reps faster while leveraging your expert solutions consultants, sales engineers, and seasoned reps. Today, on average, reps spend only 35% of their time with customers, and up to 20% of their time hunting down resources and information — use Kiite’s AI to shift that balance and scale rep productivity.  

Curb complicated software learning.  With Kiite, keep doing what you’re doing as reps ask Kiite questions like they would one of their peers.  


Supercharge your sales.

Kiite's features are designed to help your sales reps become dramatically more productive.

Scale Your Experts

You only have so many product experts who are bogged down with other important tasks — Kiite’s AI technology makes that expertise available 24x7, to all of your sales reps.

Your Reps Want Answers, Not Documents

Having reps scan and memorize documents, is time-consuming and unrealistic. Kiite provides easy to digest and useable answers directly in your organizations' chat tool.   

Stop Missing the Nuggets

Traditional training & enablement focus on transferable skills and high-level messaging. Reps can’t memorize the infinite product and industry details needed to close.  Kiite memorizes this info and provides it to the rep within seconds.

No More Repositories

When badly done, a “Sales Hub” is just another intranet. It falls out of date, it takes too many clicks to navigate, and reps just ask peers instead of browsing. Let people just ask those questions - Kiite will bring the answer to them. Stop searching, start learning.

Win The Moments

Stop Saying “I’ll Find Out For You” and start moving deals forward. Help your reps win each interaction, instead of adding on unnecessary calls or steps where reps provide information they should have had at their fingertips.  Stop reps from adding a follow-up task to the CRM and make the knowledge available through Kiite.

Capture Your “Dark Knowledge”

Capture your best field reps insights and anecdotes and make them available to the entire team.  Kiite’s knowledge base is self-learning and captures those as needed.


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