Real-Time Sales Enablement

The resources are there, but why aren’t reps using them?  Tap into your library of content that often goes untouched, and allow Kiite to deliver answers directly to your sales reps through chat.  No searching required.

Kiite is your secret weapon to punch above your weight and close more deals, faster.


Your new secret weapon.

Kiite's features are designed to help your sales reps become dramatically more productive.

Stop “Post & Pray”

When reps post questions in the sales channel, up to 60% of the time, they never get an answer.  Passive listening, by Kiite, in group chat rooms means people always get key answers.

Crowd-Source Enablement

Kiite’s knowledge base is self-learning. When Kiite doesn’t have the answer, it’ll anonymously source the information source the information from your experts.  Kiite remembers useful answers provided, minimizing the number of repetitive questions for both managers and reps.

Give Answers, Not Searches

Sales reps can skip searching the knowledge base and save time by receiving real-time answers provided directly in your companies chat platform.

Increase Adoption of Content

Leverage your existing resources by using Kiite to deliver source content to reps.  Get them reading and using the resources you’ve already invested in and built.

Onboard Faster and Safer

Kiite is a 24x7, anonymous assistant that provides a safe place to ask unlimited questions.  The patterns of questions your team asks is automatically predicted by Kiite who will proactively provide knowledge so your reps are always one step ahead.  

Stop “Managing Content”

Most enablement tools have you start by reorganizing and importing all your content — you don’t do that with Kiite.  Kiite reads and learns from your content where it sits and empowers your reps with real-time answers.


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