Sales Enablement

Let’s face it, there's too much company knowledge and it’s impossible to train reps on everything.  Knowledge is scattered among applications and websites, making it difficult for sales reps to access and leverage to sell more.

Say Hello to Kiite

Kiite lives in your company’s existing chat system, such as Slack — and can serve up helpful information directly to your sales team through Q&A and popular integrations like Google Drive and Salesforce.   

Onboard faster

Kiite — your new AI-powered sales assistant is available 24/7, providing a safe place for reps to ask unlimited, anonymous questions.  The patterns of questions your team asks is automatically learned by Kiite, which will proactively provide knowledge so your reps are always one step ahead.

Deliver the right microcontent

Deals move faster when reps deliver the right content at the right time. The resources reps need to sell smarter are there, but why aren’t they using them? Break down marketing content into more consumable pieces for sales and deliver it through existing technologies and workstreams.

Build out the right training

Reporting on actual questions means you have the data to back-up your decisions on allocating the scarce resources of your enablement organization. Better training means a shorter ramp time and increased success rate.

Identify knowledge gaps

Discover knowledge gaps within your team. With our question analytics, you can find the true cause of specific problems, helping you make smarter decisions and process changes.

With Kiite, Sales Reps can...


Kiite their most pressing questions completely anonymously, anytime, anywhere


Search company documents and resources that Kiite will deliver in seconds through chat.


Master their craft, by spending less time worrying about where to find information, and more time selling.  


Book an interactive Demo today and see how Kiite can elevate your sales team to new heights.