Remove Revenue Roadblocks

You have knowledge and answers spread across documents, learning management systems, wikis, and websites.  Sales software shouldn’t require people to change their behaviours.

Kiite automatically pulls your company knowledge together and makes it easily accessible through your organization's chat system.  No need to learn or log into another software platform.  Just let Kiite learn and let your people keep doing what they’re doing — selling more.    

Make your processes crystal clear.

Kiite's features are designed to help your sales reps become dramatically more productive.

A Tool That Passes Legal and Security

At Kiite, we’re obsessive about security, every employee takes security seriously from day one. With best-in-class infrastructure and leading technologies, we’re committed to keeping your confidential information safe.

Discover Your Operational True Needs

Reporting on actual questions means you have the data to back-up your decisions on allocating the scarce time of your enablement organization.  Find out the systems and processes that are causing concerns and issues for your sales team.

Control the Flow

Kiite helps capture your dark knowledge with crowd-sourced enablement. But sometimes you need to provide specific answers — you can control this using the Guided Responses feature to enforce policy and guidance.

Increase Adoption of Tools

Better leverage your existing software investments and get your reps reading and using the tools you’ve already purchased.

Make Smarter Bets

Discover knowledge gaps within your team.  With our question analytics, you can find the true cause of specific problems, helping you make smarter decisions and process changes.   

Better Manage Change

Recalling changes in the sales process such as pricing updates is difficult for most sales reps.  Train Kiite on these key changes, so that when reps ask questions like “What’s the new discount limit policy?” — they have it on hand in seconds.


Book an interactive Demo today and see how Kiite can elevate your sales team to new heights.