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We've exciting news! We're now offering Playbooks™ for free! You can read more about our exciting changes here.


Our free edition features include:

  • Global search
  • Chrome extension
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Free Templates
  • Sending Resources
  • Self-service support

You have Questions? We have Answers.

We're excited about offering Playbooks™ to the world for free! You can read about the specific details of free Playbooks™ here but in a nutshell, it became clear to realize our vision of transforming companies' sales reps skills and training through Uvaro we had to put our Playbooks™ software into the hands of as many students, employers, and businesses as possible.

Kiite's web-based app simply needs a browser. We support Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Running Kiite in Chrome also gives you access to our browser extension, which is available via the Chrome Store.

Our chat integration runs on your preferred chat platform, such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook, or Microsoft Teams.

As of April 1, users can visit for self-service product support. Updates to this knowledge base will be completed by July 1, 2021. Self-service product support will be made available through the knowledgebase.

We take security very seriously! Kiite is certified as ISO 27001 compliant. Other compliance and regulations we adhere to include SOC 2 (Type I).

Yes. Product enhancements to Playbooks will be driven by what is most important for matching our goals and vision for how we use Playbooks, and for the needs of the community.

No. We have no plans to begin charging for our Playbooks software, and believe that our best way to build value with it is to give it to you for free. Like any business, though, we reserve the right to change our pricing strategy should our business needs change. Any changes we might make in the future will be communicated fairly and with advanced notice.

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