Playbooksthat unlock your secret sauce to success

Put the content that makes you shine – and gets you results – at your team’s fingertips when they need it.

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Capture your hidden knowledge

Uncover and share the resources, scripts, and soundbites that are locked away in the heads of your team’s highest performers.

Combine approved content with shared resources
Create and share tips and tricks among your team
Identify knowledge gaps for new content
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Deliver content at the right time

Create multiple playbooks for different scenarios, giving reps access to the relevant content they need, in the moment, to move a deal forward.

Provide easily digestible, light-weight micro-content
Map content to your verticals, buyers, workflow, tasks and more
Share videos, images, notes, websites and other formats
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Find everything in one place

Surface not only Playbook and Card content, but relevant results from any connected repositories and applications as well.

Connect to the content that’s already out there
Search globally from one place
Always serve the most up-to-date knowledge

How it works

Create Playbooks

Organize knowledge into specific verticals, buyers, company size, or tasks.

Save awesome knowledge

Create Cards from the most-used resources, including documents, videos, websites, and images.

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Remix and personalize

Tag Cards by process, topic, or use case, so your team can easily find the content they need.

Share with your team

Give everyone access to your knowledge – and check out what they’re sharing, too.

Get insights

See what content performs best and flag gaps in knowledge.

Keep it up-to-date

Edit your cards and they will update globally. No more worries about whether your team is working from the latest version.

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Popular Integrations

Our most popular integrations, Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and Salesforce.

Build Your First Playbook

Create your own workspace and start unlocking your team's best knowledge.