SAN FRANCISCO, CaliforniaApril 2, 2019 – Kiite, a leading provider of AI solutions for sales, today has announced the general availability of its open beta of Kiite Playbooks™, a web-based extension of its chat-based AI. With its easy-to-use interface, enriched by proprietary AI algorithms, Kiite provides organizations with a scalable solution to connect disparate knowledge repositories, capture tribal knowledge, and build focused sales Playbooks™ to help teams maximize every interaction with buyers.

“We’ve been working very closely with sales and sales enablement teams,” explains Joseph Fung, Co-Founder and CEO at Kiite. “Our flagship product allows them to capture and uncover hidden knowledge, via chat, to automate the Q&A process and scale subject matter expertise. Our success with using AI to deliver knowledge through chat helped us recognize that organizations struggle with a greater knowledge management challenge. We’ve been collaborating with our customers since the beginning of the year to design the best way to capture and package knowledge into personalized, shareable Playbooks™.”

Effective knowledge management is a struggle for many organizations. According to the Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes, 39% of the people interviewed cited broken document management/sales processes as challenges to their organization. Of those, 49% said they struggle to locate documents and 33% are concerned about whether they’re working with up-to-date information. Even when employees do locate the right repository, the key information is often buried in a long document or presentation, and sales teams are required to extract the relevant information they need to respond to customer inquiries or help facilitate a conversation.

“Sales teams face unique challenges in accessing the knowledge required to effectively interact with buyers,” says Hilmon Sorey, managing director at ClozeLoop, a sales management consulting firm based in San Francisco. “The sales process is no longer a linear series of events driven by a salesperson. The modern buyer’s journey dictates the need for a dynamic sales approach which leverages technology to surface everything from process to sales methodology, discovery questions, to handling resistance, and all points in between.”

Kiite works to solve the knowledge access and sharing challenges that have plagued sales organizations since the advent of digital knowledge sharing. Integrations with corporate systems such as Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack, allow organizations to capture and deliver the knowledge their sales teams need. Kiite makes it easy for salespeople to combine institutional knowledge and tribal knowledge into customized Playbooks™, and ultimately provides a smarter tool for sellers.

“What are the smartest selling tools? It’s simple. They’re the ones that add value to existing systems and processes instead of requiring new ones,” says Nancy Nardin, founder of Smart Selling Tools. “Kiite makes it possible for sales teams to leverage corporate systems so they can retrieve the knowledge they need, in a flexible way that makes sense for each salesperson.”

Backed By Kiite’s Best-in-Class AI and NLP

Using AI components, Kiite takes complex data — user history and behaviour, real-time questions, confidence score rankings, and user feedback — to train its models in real-time. Kiite’s supervised learning approach allows Kiite to learn from real data sources, and continues to learn by analyzing real-time user inputs. Originally designed to capture natural language questions and deliver knowledge via chat, Kiite now extends its AI capabilities to the Kiite Playbooks™ web application, automatically documenting knowledge captured in chat and recommending the most useful knowledge to employees.

Product Availability

The open beta of Kiite Playbooks™ is now available. For more information, please visit:

About Kiite

Kiite helps sales teams capture, organize, and share their documented and tribal knowledge. With a repeat founding team, Kiite is located within the Waterloo Region tech corridor, a global centre of technical talent, game-changing ideas, innovation and discovery.

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