Kiite Turbo Boosts the Trend Toward Virtual Selling by Making its Flagship Playbooks™ Sales Enablement Platform Free for Sales Teams

Waterloo, ON - April 20, 2021 - To facilitate and ease the tsunami shift to remote sales and work, sales enablement platform provider Kiite has taken the bold move to give away its popular flagship product — used by over 2500 workplaces today — for free to sales professionals and teams around the globe

According to a recent McKinsey study, 70 to 80 percent of B2B decision makers prefer remote selling, statistics that completely debunk the belief that the best selling is done face to face. 

“The way we do business has changed significantly since COVID,” says Joseph Fung, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiite. “The importance of sharing business-critical information has not. If anything, we’ve realized that businesses are gravitating to remote sales models. And that means finding new ways to effectively communicate and share essential sales enablement information. By making Playbooks™ free we can help more sales teams successfully make the shift to an efficient and effective virtual selling model.” 

Kiite’s Playbooks helps teams share knowledge and best-practices more quickly, resulting in better sales and faster onboarding for teams. This reality is experienced by the tens of thousands of professionals that use Kiite daily. “To be effective, a playbook cannot be static. If it is not an ecosystem of testing, tracking, tweaking and on-going development — it will be obsolete in 30 days,” says Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director of ClozeLoop - a Kiite customer and partner. Kiite has allowed ClozeLoop to deploy playbooks five times faster than those deployed in pdf, doc, ppt, or wiki format. “Kiite allowed us to drive immediate impact, create client platform independence, and provide ongoing process improvement without long, expensive consulting engagements.”

The decision to offer up its flagship product for free is the latest in a series of moves by Kiite to offer up free access to essential sales resources. Kiite’s sales training business, Uvaro also has Uvaro On Demand — free courses designed to turn aspiring sales professionals into sales pros. 

Says Fung, “In an era in which the way in which we communicate, and ultimately sell, has dramatically changed, free access to Playbooks™ will help more sales teams and businesses become top performing sales and revenue-generating engines by giving sales professionals the knowledge they need to not only do their jobs but excel.”

Interested sales pros can check out Kiite’s gallery of Playbooks™ templates here.


About Kiite

Kiite is closing the knowledge and skills gaps for sales teams with two complementary lines of business. The Kiite sales enablement platform allows sales teams to capture, organize, and deliver the critical information needed to close deals, wherever it lives.

Kiite’s tech sales training program, operating as Uvaro, equips students to pursue or grow their careers in tech sales. Uvaro’s unique curriculum, made up of online, live classes, online collaborative working sessions, and optional internships, closes common skills gaps, and is designed to enrich and level up the talent pool for tech sales roles in North America.


Press Inquiries

Adam Stephens
Director of Growth Marketing, Uvaro

Ellyn Winters
Ignition Communications (PR for Kiite/UVARO)

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