It’s the middle of a busy day. You’ve got demos to prepare for, meetings to attend, prospects to email, and deals to close.

Also, you’re hungry.

What do you do: reach for a quick snack to keep you going, or stop what you’re doing to prepare a huge meal?

Think of your sales enablement content like that meal. When your reps need to ready their next play amid a busy schedule, what are you serving them? Is it a huge document they need to sit down and dig through, or is it just the relevant bits they can grab on the go?

We’re huge fans of micro-content. You probably are too, even if you don’t realize it. If you’ve ever read a headline, scanned a social media post, watched a quick video, listened to a soundbite, laughed at a meme, or looked at a photo, you’ve consumed something that falls into the category.

Basically, it’s anything that’s short, stands on its own, and gets a message across. And it’s all your reps need to stop searching and get back to selling. 

Micro-content = snackable content for sales

For sales, micro-content is the stuff your sales reps can use in conversation to close more deals.

The idea is simple: when reps are working through your sales process, give them only the short bursts of information they need to make plays, when they need it. No more binders, no more multi-page PDFs. 

How does snackable content help? Well, for starters:

  • It saves time. When you serve up only what’s needed at each moment, reps don’t waste time searching for content they can’t find. After all, why should they have to sift through systems and documents when all they need is one or two key points?
  • It cuts the filler. Micro-content gets right to the point – important in a world where reps have only a short period of time to capture a prospects’ attention or fit into the three- to five-minute window to win that next meeting.
  • It’s flexible. Serving content at the right time in the right conversation closes deals. But not every conversation, or every prospect, is the same. Micro-content lets you slice and dice the same key ideas into many situations and plays.
  • It’s memorable. Bite-sized bits of information are easier to digest compared to long documents. Keeping it short and targeted is especially important for new reps learning the ropes for the first time, and it can help prospects remember your conversations, too.

Build your snack library

Chances are, you have a bunch of great micro-content floating around already. It’s just buried in documents, scattered across different places, or tucked away in your reps’ heads.

All you need to do is pick it out.

Start with what you have

Take a look at everything – and we mean everything – you’ve got today, from marketing collateral and websites to sales scripts and conversations in your team’s chat. 

Your goal: Your goal: distill the main points into keywords, phrases, questions, clips, and sentences your sales team can use when they talk to prospects. (We recommend using the Persona > Pain > Feature > Content matrix from Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey as a helpful tool during this exercise.)

Fill in the gaps

Once you have all your content on the table, identify whether you’re missing content to support a persona, a buyer stage, a pain point, or a goal. It’s also a good time to ask reps what they’re missing and capture tribal knowledge that fills in those gaps. 

Your goal: make sure you’ve captured all the content your reps need, so they won’t be forced to create it themselves.

Put it all together

You’ll also need somewhere to put all this great micro-content you’re collecting. Whatever you do, resist the urge to drop it all into a document. What you really need is a single point of entry that connects your systems, pulls information, and delivers it when it’s needed most.

Your goal: implement a system that makes it fast and easy for reps to find content, without reinventing the wheel. Check out our Playbooks™ templates for a little inspiration.

And most importantly: don’t let your reps go hungry for knowledge. Give them the fuel they need, when they need it, and let them get back to selling.


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