At Kiite, we think a lot about how sales reps spend their time.

The fact is, each individual sales reps day looks different.  How a sales rep spends their time has changed year after year as new sales tools like Slack and SalesLoft have emerged to make the daily workflow easier.  For instance, “replying to coworkers on Slack” is now a potential time-sucker, whereas four years ago, chat in the workplace was not as prevalent.

The amount of time a rep spends on non-selling activities might come as a surprise. Some sales managers expect active selling time to hit around 50% of a rep’s daily duties. Most organizations are pretty far off from that number due to increasing administrative tasks such as data entry, CRM management, peer-to-peer interruptions, enablement training, software learning and more.

That’s why, at Kiite we have partnered with FunnelCake and LevelJump, to conduct research on sales productivity & alignment to uncover trends on the current sales landscape and to discover the knowledge gaps between sales managers & sales reps.

Although similar surveys have been conducted, our Sales Productivity Survey is looking to dive deeper into the specific activities of sales reps, and comparing those to factors like company success, specific technologies/processes (current and planned), as well as various firmographics.

If you’re in sales you won’t want to miss out on these results.

By participating in this survey you will get exclusive access to never before seen data such as:

  • Where does your team stack up?  Benchmark your activities vs. the highest performing companies.
  • What are the best-aligned organizations doing? And What are the worst-aligned organizations NOT doing?
  • What do sales reps do, at the highest performing companies?
  • The time perception gaps between managers and employees?
  • Where are the opportunities for alignment?
  • How are firms leveraging technologies to influence sales productivity?


“This survey is a critical initiative for anyone who relies on salespeople to generate revenue. It’s unique from other sales surveys. The goal is to understand the use-of-sales-time and to identify how high performing sales organizations allocate their time compared to others. In order to succeed in a cost-competitive world, companies will need to sell more with the same or fewer salespeople. Step one is to participate in the survey and obtain the insights uncovered from this important study.” — Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

The survey is now closed. Please stay tuned for the findings!

We would love your input!  

All levels of sales roles are invited to participate in our sales productivity survey which will uncover key insights on time spent within sales organizations.  The survey should only take 7 minutes of your time, and your responses are completely anonymous.

We really appreciate your input and we look forward to sharing the results with you!

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