Say Hello to Kiite

Team collaboration tools such as Workplace by Facebook, Skype for Business and Slack are essential for keeping your team connected and for accessing knowledge that is on-demand, mobile, and secure.  Kiite seamlessly integrates with your existing chat system.

Popular Integrations

Save your sales reps from flipping through multiple applications and windows to find the information they need to sell.  Kiite can connect to your company’s favourite apps and pulls helpful company knowledge into one user-central hub, chat.

Stop digging through your company's Google Drive for the information you need. Use Kiite's powerful search to get instant access to the document, spreadsheet, or presentation you're looking for.

Kiite's integration with Salesforce allows users to surface CRM data, like "Who owns Acme Inc?", right into the chat interface.

Looking for something that you know is documented in Confluence? Add Confluence as a knowledge source to Kiite and pull the valuable data captured on Confluence pages right into chat for instant access.

Use Kiite With Your Existing Chat System

Intelligent chat applications like Kiite are transforming the way we sell. The majority of organizations will have adopted AI into their business processes by 2018. Will you be one of them?