Upcoming Pricing Changes

A Note From Our Founders

The Journey to Free

While we'll be sharing more in the coming weeks, we're excited to give you advanced notice of an exciting evolution in our business. We already provide over 2,500 workspaces with 13,000 AI-powered Playbooks™, and we couldn't be more excited about the next step in our journey!

We founded Kiite, 3.5 years ago. At the time, we never could have anticipated that our vision of enabling every employee to be an expert would have brought us to where we are today: announcing that the Playbooks™ software we’ve spent years sweating and grinding over is something we’re prepared to give away, entirely for free.

One year ago we launched Uvaro - a bootcamp designed to help sales professionals close critical skills gaps and find jobs at growing technology companies. Companies that need skilled Sales Reps who are already trained and ready to sell. At the time, we had no idea the coming year would bring global transformation. Uvaro's surprising and unprecedented growth is proof of that our vision is more relevant than ever.

As we considered the many ways we could realize this vision, it became clear that putting our Playbooks™ software into the hands of as many students, employers, and businesses as possible was the best course of action. Folding our paid features into a free offering is the best way to deliver the biggest impact.

This is an exciting step for us, and we look forward to embarking on the journey together!


Joseph, Derek, and Donna

What product changes can I expect on April 1?

In addition to minor product enhancements, and Free accounts gaining access to many of the Enterprise features, a number of changes will be made to our total offering.

  • OneLogin support will no longer be available through Kiite. Users will be required to login with the username and password credentials they’ve already set.
  • Any crawled resource integrations you’ve setup will be permanently disabled and no longer appear in your settings. No existing or new resource integrations will be supported. Kiite’s search functionality will continue to search card content, card titles, card snippets, Playbooks titles, Playbooks descriptions, and file attachments on cards, but it will no longer search your integrated resources. Files and links stored in your integrated databases and websites, such as Google Drive or Confluence, will not be searched. The “Resources'' section will no longer appear in your search results.
  • Kiite’s chatbot will be removed. If you have Kiite’s chatbot installed in your chat environment, it will no longer be responsive. If you’ve connected your Kiite chatbot to your Salesforce account, the chatbot will not be responsive, and it will not retrieve information from your Salesforce account. We advise that you remove the app from your chat environment.
  • Kiite’s Salesforce package will no longer be available to install. We will not be supporting or developing this package moving forward. If you are already using Kiite’s Salesforce package, no product change will be made as a result of this update, and no future enhancements are planned.
  • System settings will be updated to reflect the above feature changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first step in sunsetting the product?

Nope. This is not our first step in sunsetting the Playbooks product. We use Playbooks to deliver our bootcamp curriculum, and we use Playbooks data and analytics to help us improve our service offering. We love Playbooks. We need Playbooks. We have no intention of sunsetting the Playbooks product at this time. 

What type of customer support can I expect?

As of April 1, users can visit docs.kiite.ai for self-service product support. Updates to this knowledge base will be completed by July 1, 2021. Self-service product support will be made available through the knowledgebase.

What if I have an urgent bug that needs to be fixed?

You can report the bug by emailing help@kiite.ai.  Our team will work with you to determine an appropriate resolution based on severity and urgency. As a free product, issues that impact the wider community will be given higher priority than individual requests.

Will you be continuing to develop the Playbooks product?

Yes. Product enhancements to Playbooks will be driven by what is most important for matching our goals and vision for how we use Playbooks, and for the needs of the community.

How does your security stance change? Is my Data safe?

Our team takes data security seriously. We are ISO 27001 certified and are an audited SOC 2 service organization. While we will continue to follow best practices and requirements, such as those outlined in the ISO 27001 and SOC 2 standards, we do not commit to maintaining specific certifications.

Will Kiite Playbooks branding change to match Uvaro?

No. We have no intention of changing the primary Kiite Playbooks branding to match Uvaro. We will be restricting changes to small updates to our website so that our products are more aligned. 

Will you begin charging for your software, again?

No. We have no plans to begin charging for our Playbooks software, and believe that our best way to build value with it is to give it to you for free. Like any business, though, we reserve the right to change our pricing strategy should our business needs change. Any changes we might make in the future will be communicated fairly and with advanced notice.

How have your Terms of Service changed?

In the past we offered custom Terms of Service with our paid Editions, in addition to our Terms of Service offered for our Free Edition. We will no longer be offering custom Terms of Service. Our Free Edition Terms of Service will apply to all customers.