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Kiite makes it easy to capture, deliver, and find the information your team needs to be successful.

Whether it's a document that lives in Google Drive, a page in Confluence, a bookmark to a web resource, or a video, Kiite creates a single view to surface the key knowledge your employees need.


Want to see how Kiite can help your team? We'll walk you through it.

When you book a demo, you'll get:

  • A 30 minute demonstration of how Kiite works
  • Insights into how some of our customers are using Kiite to deliver playbooks to their teams
  • A tour of our template gallery, to help you get started
  • All your questions answered

Why Kiite?

  • Create unlimited playbooks to help your team navigate any scenario
  • Connect other systems, such as Google Drive and Confluence, and allow users to search across repositories
  • Capture online resources using the Kiite Chrome extension
  • Document tribal knowledge so you can scale your top performers
  • Access your playbooks via Salesforce with our integration