ClozeLoop uses Kiite to reduce sales playbook rollout time by 5x, while increasing adoption 300%



ClozeLoop works with seed-stage startups and growth companies who obsess over time-to-revenue, repeatable success, and sales velocity. They help their clients shorten sales cycles, exceed revenue goals, and scale consistently high-performing sales teams.


Companies come to ClozeLoop to solve for a range of sales, marketing and enablement challenges. But, in all circumstances, those symptoms mask a much deeper issue. Whether it’s information overload, tribal knowledge capture and distribution, or an inability to leverage actionable insights and expertise, it all comes down to one underlying problem: internal knowledge sharing and alignment—getting everyone using the same playbook— is broken.

“The playbook is the intersection and ‘core system’ opportunity to impact the entire organization’s velocity, growth, and profitability” according to Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director.


“The challenge, as with any other system in an organization is that inherently, to be effective, a playbook cannot be static. If it is not an ecosystem of testing, tracking, tweaking and on-going development—it will be obsolete in 30 days.”


ClozeLoop’s challenge then, was ensuring engagement client success after their engagement. They were forced to rely on the same old solutions to bring their new approach to life: Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint etc⁠—all solutions designed for knowledge storage and not sharing.


When ClozeLoop learned about Kiite’s playbooks in early 2018, everything changed. Kiite solved the root problem⁠—it wasn’t one more storage system that recreated the root problem.

By alleviating the burden of knowledge sharing, Kiite increases the value of internal conversations. Critical information is already documented, it’s positioned in the appropriate context, and it’s highly accessible⁠—with Kiite, meetings transform from sharing knowledge to strategizing on the application of knowledge.

Today, ClozeLoop’s clients ensure their reps have easy access to critical selling knowledge⁠—the best information and tactics needed to move their deals to the next stage, or to disqualify. By organizing institutional know-how into Kiite playbooks, sales organizations can focus on deal strategy and honing selling skills, and are able to close the gap between top performers on the team and everyone else. For ClozeLoop’s clients, the result is increased sales velocity at scale.

For companies that sell solutions to many personas across many industries with many use cases, every single prospect conversation might be different. Without a flexible knowledge sharing system like Kiite, ClozeLoop’s Managing Directors have found that most salespeople will just wing it, putting themselves at a disadvantage against the competition.


hilmon sorey

“Using Kiite we’re able to drive immediate impact, create client platform independence, and provide ongoing process improvement without long, expensive consulting engagements,” says Sorey. “Our clients are some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet. They work with us because of our speed and expertise. Kiite allows us to leverage both. That’s competitive advantage.”

Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director


Before Kiite, ClozeLoop playbook adoption at scale required multiple training efforts, incremental roll-out, and a high-level of management mandate and diligence around ensuring feedback and evaluating the usability of data. “This created an additional level of friction for our clients,” said Sorey, “Who is responsible? What information are reps using? Who put the new competitive information in the system? What objections are we truly hearing in the field? And so on.”

“Kiite provides a platform which instead is the fertile soil in which a company’s playbook grows and develops strong branches. Instead of the soil found six feet under” says Sorey. Kiite has allowed ClozeLoop to deploy playbooks 5 times faster than those deployed in pdf, doc, ppt, or wiki format. They are able to surface only the relevant information to each individual in an organization creating immediate adoption. The ongoing evolution of playbook content elements is made simple by the use of roles, cards, and categories which support ease of revision. Finally, Kiite’s completely customizable interface allows ClozeLoop the flexibility of aligning with a company’s existing systems, process, and culture eliminating the need for re-training and workflow interruption.

About ClozeLoop:

ClozeLoop is a sales, marketing and enablement agency. The organization is uniquely positioned as a higher impact than most training firms, and faster time-to-value than a consulting firm. It’s revenue acceleration built for today’s speed of business. Cory and Hilmon have also written four top-selling sales books which can be found on Amazon: The Sales Enablement Playbook, Sales Playbooks: The Builder’s Toolkit, Sales Development, and Triangle Selling.

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