Scalable knowledge sharing, right in chat

Capture subject matter expertise and surface relevant content, all in one place.

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Deliver the right micro-content

Deals move faster when reps deliver the right content at the right time. The resources reps need to sell smarter are there, but why aren’t they using them? Deliver the consumable pieces sales needs through existing technologies and workstreams.

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Centralize Knowledge

Break down silos by centralizing the information sales reps need. Through Kiite's integrations with popular platforms, such as Google Drive and Confluence, reps can stop wasting time looking for the answers they need to move deals forward.

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Identify Training Gaps

Make smarter decisions and get ahead of bottlenecks with Kiite's analytics. Tap into tribal knowledge and gain insights into the answers your sales reps are looking for, so that you can fill knowledge gaps in your sales organization before they become blocks in your funnel.

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