Adam King on Company Values & Onboarding new Sales Reps

Since its launch back in 2011, Vidyard has been helping businesses connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences and transforming communications while driving more revenue.  All through the strategic use of online video.

We spoke with Adam King, Senior Director, Sales at Vidyard, a talented sales leader who gave us so much amazing insight into the sales culture at Vidyard, that we decided to break it up into two parts.  In Part One, we will focus on Vidyard’s core values and how they fit into their onboarding process, the qualities they look for when hiring and how new sales reps get ramped up.

Onboarding is one of the most important stages of a new hires journey within an organization.  It’s been known to improve employee retention, heighten engagement levels, and build trust and alignment.  During this time, a company must effectively articulate the core values and culture authentically so the new hire understands what supports the vision.  

Here’s how Vidyard does it.

Adam King

Title:  Senior Director, Sales
Company:  Vidyard
Connect with him:  LinkedIn

Vidyard is currently hiring a BDR, what qualities do you look for in this role?

There are basic fundamentals that are important such as strong communication skills and responsiveness but what really separates people from the pack is when we see examples of energy, hustle, creativity and a thirst for learning. How have you gone above and beyond during the interview process, what accomplishments are you most proud of that showcase creativity and hustle. I love it when candidates use our own GoVideo technology to record video follow-ups or introductions where we can see their personality and creativity come to life. Re: thirst for learning; Sales can be very challenging. What are you doing to build your skillset and demonstrate that you are going to go above and beyond to master the craft? IE building a network of sales peers to learn from, tapping into valuable blog and podcast/video content (check out David Priemer @ Cerebral Selling), books, etc.

What are Vidyard’s company values?

  • Own It
  • All Aboard
  • Relentlessly Resourceful
  • Direct & Transparent

What do these values mean to a new hire?

From my perspective, our Values are quite straightforward and easy to explain to a new hire. We are building a culture where people are proactive and resourceful in finding solutions to challenges vs. constantly asking what to do. For a new hire, it means that you can end up with a surprising amount of autonomy and creativity in finding a way to deliver on your personal goals.

How are the values communicated?

Values are communicated frequently and early to new hires and all employees. We are introduced to them during the interview & onboarding process and they are reinforced during weekly town hall meetings that we Livestream to include remote employees, monthly video updates from our CEO, weekly video updates from senior management, etc. I was surprised and impressed by the level of openness and transparency at Vidyard and it’s part of what I love about the company.

What can a new BDR expect on their first day? Their first week? Month?

Day 1 is focused on general orientation. Meet and greet the team and getting online and connected to the network and key apps like SalesForce and Slack. Week 1 is typically focused on new hire onboarding to get them introduced to our market, our solution, our company, etc. Month 1 is typically focused on spending time with an experienced BDR who we assign to mentor each new hire, shadowing calls, planning out accounts and contacts to focus on, etc.

Tell me about your sales training process.

Training happens through weekly VSA’s (Vidyard Sales Academy), ongoing Manager coaching, informal peer and mentor coaching, sharing best practices through team meetings etc. We are also starting to do more online, self-paced training leveraging video content that we’ve created from internal/external SME’s.

[bctt tweet="I was surprised and impressed by the level of openness and transparency at Vidyard and it’s part of what I love about the company."]

How long does it take to ramp a new rep?

We typically see new BDR’s on the phone and creating videos within 3-4 weeks. That said, it’s usually a good 2-3 months to ramp them to a decent level of productivity and typically 6-12 months to really master the craft.

How do you ensure that new hires live and breathe the company values?

It’s a combination of top-down and bottom-up encouragement. Management leads by example through their weekly, monthly, quarterly updates on key initiatives, wins and challenges and it’s supported from the bottom up by showcasing examples of employees demonstrating strong values through ‘Kudo’s in our HR system and by calling out positive examples during weekly Town Hall meetings. From a management perspective, I strive to lead by example and have been focused on building trust and respect by doing what I say I will do and helping the team understand the Why behind changes we make or initiatives that we focus on. We also work hard to drive cross-functional collaboration across teams to tap into new ideas and sell as a team. In addition, during weekly 1:1’s between employees and managers, direct & transparent communication is encouraged and all levels are constantly exploring ways to be resourceful and proactively own their responsibilities. As a result, we’ve built a very open, supportive environment where all hands are working towards a common goal of growing the company and making our customers successful.

What do you do to ensure sales readiness, and a rep doesn’t end up in a #salesfail?

A combination of formal training, manager coaching, peer and mentor coaching. Call recording feedback and Video recording feedback.

What makes Vidyard’s onboarding processes so unique?

A combination of getting exposed to key people from each department in the company and getting hands-on with our technology. New hires are encouraged to experiment with creating videos, uploading videos to our platform, and actually using the platform for their own personal video content. No better way to learn than by using it yourself. Stay tuned for Part Two where Adam King shares insights on building a sales-oriented culture and what tools they use to ensure the sales team is aligned, innovating and constantly striving to get better.

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