We call these sales lessons Momisms playground wisdom that packs a punch, no matter how old we are when we’re given it (consider “be yourself” and “honesty is the best policy”, to name a popular two).

This Mother’s Day we’re sharing how some of Mom’s top life lessons can help lead to sales success.

#1  “Treat people how you want to be treated”

It’s called the golden rule for a reason. Nobody wants to be inbox-spammed, phone-harassed or internet-stalked. Know your limits and treat your customer with kindness, respect and consideration. Not only will you create a strong and positive impression, but being respectful will help you develop a long-term and productive relationship. Sales lesson number one.

[bctt tweet="The best way to connect with your potential customer is by listening, being empathetic, and understanding their problems. Take the time to develop trust with your prospects and help them discover if your solution is a good fit." username="kiiteHQ"]

#2 “Not right now” doesn't always mean No

“Maybe later” or “when you’re older” are phrases that children dread because every child knows that they mean one thing and one thing only: No.

But that’s not true, is it? A lot of times, parents say “not right now,” because they mean “not right now.”

In sales, if you’re hearing “not right now,” it’s because the prospect means it. Giving up when you hear “maybe later” is premature. Being great at sales requires persistence. Not every organization is ready for your product or service offering, however, that doesn’t mean circumstances won’t change in the future.

Continue to nurture your leads by following up when appropriate. Send relevant marketing material and monitor the company’s growth and development. Take advice from your younger self, because let’s be real, who is more persistent than a child?

#3  “Do your homework”

Just think, back in the day, before the internet and Wikipedia.com existed, kids had to conduct research by reading books at the library (talk about time-consuming). In today’s digital age, those that have access to digital tools have other options.

Your online sales outreach should be personalized and tailored to the company you’re contacting. Software programs like SalesLoft offer up personalized information about your prospects, and no self-searching is necessary. Being unprepared ranks as one of the top turn-offs for B2B buyers, so do your homework, and come prepared.

#4 “Honesty is the best policy”

Honest selling is effective selling.

People like to do business with people they know, like, and most importantly, trust. When it comes to sales buyers want to own the buying power and often don’t like being sold to.

To develop buyers' trust be honest with your customers, set expectations, understand pain points, and offer up viable solutions. An honest selling process will lead to post-sale success, not only for your new customer but for your entire team.

Be truthful and let your audience come to their own conclusions.

#5  “Always say thank you”

While this one might seem obvious, even the most obvious details can be lost in this whirlwind world. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder of what’s important. The fact is, there are countless opportunities to thank your prospects, current customers, and brand influencers.

Here are a few examples:

  • Thank a prospect for booking a demo with you. People are busy, and if they’re giving you their valuable time it’s important to show your appreciation.
  • Write a note and go old-school — consider writing notes to current leads and customers. Be specific and get personal. You’ll make someone’s day and stand out from the crowd.
  • Thank your brand influencers. In the digital age, word of mouth is stronger than ever. You just need to browse through LinkedIn and Twitter to see examples. If you notice someone publicly advocating your product, consider reaching out to them. They’ll remember that you did and be even more likely to talk you up in the future.
  • Thank someone for a referral. If a customer sends a lead your way, they should be recognized for having helped you out.

60% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel the business is indifferent to them, so why not show you care?

And a bonus! #6 “Be Yourself”

Don’t be a phoney, or rather, be authentic. Most people see through facades, especially when they’re being sold to.

The best way to connect with your potential customer is by listening, being empathetic, and understanding their problems. Take the time to develop trust with your prospects and help them discover if your solution is a good fit.

When you try to be someone or something else, people see right through it, and that won’t help your pipeline progress. So take the “artificial” out of the “intelligence” and just be you!

We wrote this piece in honour of Mother’s Day. But the fact is, helpful advice and timeless adages come everywhere and everyone. We’d love to hear your most helpful Momisms, Dadisms, Otherisms, Selfisms, and anything else outside or in between. Share your sales lessons with us below in the comment section 🙂

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