True North Waterloo is fast approaching, Canada’s most exciting new 3-day conference on May 29-31, 2018, that will bring together hackers, hustlers and influencers to discuss the future of tech.

You can expect ground-breaking keynotes from global influencers in tech, business and academia, and inspiring workshops.  Oh, and did we mention Kumail Nanjiani, Oscar-nominated writer and critically acclaimed actor and comedian is one of the main stage headliners?  Need we say more?

Here are four reasons why we are attending True North Waterloo and why you should too:


There have been countless alarming controversies that have arisen in the tech world as of late — from Facebook to Uber.

As we look forward to the future — technology will continue to envelop our lives.  Self-driving cars anyone? True North will give us the platform to redefine tech as a force for good through positive viewpoints, transformative workshops and vibrant social mash-ups.

So let’s stop talking about how tech has gone wrong and start getting specific about how to do things right.  Join the conversation about AI, fake news, diversity and other issues that make us afraid and/or hopeful.

Let’s Talk AI

There’s a reason AI is one of the hottest topics of 2018; it’s everywhere — our phones, our homes and our cars.

At Kiite, we believe in the idea of intelligence augmentation, meaning machines help us, not replace us.  AI and Machine Learning technology can be leveraged for continuous learning and developing a higher skill set to reach our full potential.  Performing faster, more efficient, and better.

There’s no doubt that AI will shape the future of work and help make companies more dynamic, profitable and human-focused.  The future of work is changing the focus of your work.

At True North, we look forward to dispelling common AI myths and showing how AI promises an exciting future not only in the area of automation, but also in industries such as medicine, manufacturing, transportation, biotech, agriculture, government, and more.

Kiite’s CEO, Joseph Fung will be speaking on the Putting Your Art in the Artificial panel at True North Waterloo alongside Marylin Ma, Quali AI, Suzanne Gildert, Sanctuary AI and Ali Asaria, Tulip Retail which is not one to miss!

Diversity in Tech

True North Waterloo 2018 will showcase challenging issues that are prevalent in the technology industry today, such as diversity, gender equality, and the future of education–all of which we care deeply about at Kiite.

The way we see it, the first step is to have open and honest discussions. The True North Waterloo conference, bringing together top influencers in tech, business, government and academia, is our region’s opportunity to dig in and discuss!

[bctt tweet="Leaders and innovators have become the focus of a conversation that has the potential to reshape our values and beliefs around tech’s role in humanity. (" username="kiiteHQ"]

Celebrate Waterloo!

“It’s not just a conference; it’s a city-wide collaboration of true Waterloo Region events and experiences.” (  The True North DTK festival will feature live music, art exhibitions and mouth-watering local food.  This one of a kind 3-day festival will showcase just how #KWawesome we genuinely are.

The Waterloo Region tech corridor is a global centre of technical talent, game-changing ideas, innovation and discovery; driving world-leading research in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, theoretical physics, medical and life sciences.

We are proud to be one of 15,000 tech companies, 200,000 tech workers and 5,200 startups located in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, currently calling the Communitech Data Hub home.

We urge you to join us in discovering (or rediscovering) how remarkable the Waterloo community really is.

Get your tickets

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Here’s why Kiite's CEO, Joseph Fung, is attending @Communitech’s #TrueNorth18.

Supercharge your devices with Kiite

Supercharge your mobile devices with Kiite, at our power station located in the True North Waterloo networking tent.  Available to attendees onsite at LOT42 to allow guests to charge their mobile devices such as phones, tablets and laptops.

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