Over the past few months, we’ve been following True North and the speakers lined up for the new, ground-breaking conference.

If you haven’t heard of it, True North is running May 29-31 here in the Waterloo Region. It aims to tackle the intersection of humans and technology – and what it means for our future – through open and honest discussions about AI, fake news, social impact, diversity and using #TechForGood.

With more than 40 industry experts and leaders from around the globe set to take the stage, we thought we’d share a few that we’re looking forward to. While all the talks are sure to be insightful and inspiring, you’ll definitely catch us at these ones:

1.  Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Co-founder and CEO of Affectiva

“How much better would our interactions with devices be if they could tell how we were feeling and react accordingly?” asks Dr. Kaliouby. Her answer: a lot. Affectiva is an AI-based company that wants to inject emotional intelligence into our devices and rehumanize our daily interactions with technology, from industries such as automotive, education, medicine and so much more.

She’s also a strong voice for responsible AI. She spends a lot of time thinking about data privacy and how algorithms can be designed to serve society equally and ethically. (We do, too.)

2.  Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer at Uber

Where most people saw a company embroiled in scandal and steeped in a toxic, male-dominated culture, Saint John saw an opportunity – one she left her position at Apple to take on. It wasn’t just to make her mark as a marketing master via a dramatic turnaround, though. It was also to set an example and shine a light on the need for more diversity in tech.

“This is show and tell, for real,” she told The Globe and Mail. “You don’t have to be a black woman to think we should have more black women in tech. I don’t have to be an engineer to understand we need female engineers.”

3.  Ali Asaria, Founder and CEO of Tulip Retail

Imagine yourself at your company’s Christmas party. The last thing you probably expect to witness there is your CEO pledging 80 percent of his shares to charity. But that’s what local entrepreneur Asaria did – and he left the details about where the money will go up to his employees to figure out. Given Tulip’s current valuation, that’s about $30 million, by the way.

In a world where charities and non-profits are struggling to find better donors, it’s a refreshing story and an example of how tech companies – even startups that are strapped for cash – can find new ways to do good and give back.

See you at True North!

Kiite is joining the audience of over 2,000 entrepreneurs, hackers, influencers, academics, innovators and policymakers to talk tech and celebrate our local community.

No charge? No problem!  Come power up your mobile devices at the Kiite charging station located in the main tent.

Did we mention Kiite’s CEO, Joseph Fung will be speaking, too? You can catch him on the AI: Putting Your Art in the Artificial panel talking about how we can use AI and machine learning in a way that helps us, not replaces us.

We hope you can join us.

Get your tickets

For more information on ticket prices and packages visit:  http://truenorthwaterloo.com/get-tickets


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